Letting Go

letting go workkidssleep

It is just so sad.  Yes, I’m bursting with pride for the man he is becoming but the transition hurts so much. I remember his first steps, his first words, and all the big moments in his life.  Now at almost 17, can I feel him letting go?

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Raising children your parents way

workkidssleep imitation

Imitation. The action of using someone or something as a model.  That’s me.  I’ve done it for at least 16 years. Raising children your parents way.

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Wanderlust workkidssleep

I’m 42 now (26 if anyone asks), and I’m in a point in my life where I’m happy. Just started a new job, which is challenging but which I’m enjoying.  Kids are happy, hubby is happy, life is good, but I am always experiencing wanderlust.

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Thoughts of old

Thoughts of old workkidssleep

While I sit here tonight glass in hand in Tasmania, in a beautiful hotel overlooking the amazing city of Hobart, one of the world’s most southern cities on what is the last few hours of my thirties, I’m thinking thoughts of old. The age thing doesn’t bother me.  I do wonder where the years have […]

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From 40 with Love, and thanks

from 40 with love workkidssleep

When I was a teenager, I thought 40 was old, like really old!  It’s apparently the big one, but is it really?  I mean, what makes it big?  Is it because we’re maybe half-way through the game?  Because we’re supposed to be mature at this point with semi-grown up kids?  Is it now that life […]

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Let’s talk about Life, Baby

lets talk about life baby workkidssleep

We all know life is precious, we’re reminded of it frequently when we hear sad news.  A child has left their parents, a young wife her husband and family, a sudden tragic accident, world event or god forbid terrorist attack has left hundreds without.   Life’s length isn’t guaranteed, tomorrow’s not promised, it can easily be […]

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Uncomfort Zone

Argh, it’s so hard!  Life is good, it’s great actually out here in Australia, but it’s so, so hard at the same time – how is that even possible?

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What’s your story?

Storytelling has been around for century’s, since cave men drew on the walls before the English language was a thing.  We all love a good story and no matter what our life’s tale, we can all relate to a story, we all have emotions in common and can all remember once upon a time.

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The Great Wide Somewhere

When we hear the words ‘The Great Wide Somewhere’, we all think travel right? Exploring, discovering new things, figuring out the world and I too am doing that, but I’m starting on the inside.

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Be Great – be grateful: #2

This week has been a bit of everything! A productive working work, bit of shopping and our first Australian Day celebrations! 

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Why wait?

Ok, so we’re alive.  I’m writing this, you’re reading it, we’re thinking, breathing, drinking hot chocolate, we’re very much alive, so why wait?

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Aussie life is totally awesome, but…

There’s always a ‘but’ right.  When life is good and great things are happening, when luck is on your side and things are working out, there’s always a ‘but’, and mine has arrived. 

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Own your story

There are two ways you can choose to live your life. You can sail along letting things play out without your control, reacting to whatever life throws at you, adapting to your surroundings and letting fate play its part, or you can choose to own it.

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Forever young

Funny how your life choices alter with age. When you’re young you want to be older, and when you’re older you want to be young. But age is the one thing we cannot stop happening, although where growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

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Tick tock

When we were young time didn’t really go fast.  Maybe because we didn’t have anywhere to be, no one was waiting on us and we didn’t clock watch and wonder how long we had left.  Nowadays, I think of it often.

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Be your own Architect

There are so many life clichés – Life is short | Live for today, not for tomorrow | Live every day like it’s your last | Dream like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die today… But they are cliché for a reason, because they are true.

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Lesson’s learned, outside the classroom

So last week social media was a flood with images of children’s school reports, news on how well kids had done in their exams, what level they finished the year at, which is all lovely to see, but I’ll be honest, for my two, I mostly skipped all that.

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My life’s ambition

So being an ambitious person, I’ve always been one for pushing harder, for wanting to achieve more, for wanting the bigger and brighter things in life, and going above and beyond, certainly in my working life to get what I know I’m capable of.  How age changes things.

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