Sitting Here.

sitting here workkidssleep

Sitting here, right now, with this view.  The Milano cathedral all lit up at dusk.  The Duomo, the people, and the pigeons.  The last night of our grand Italian tour.  Sitting here just remembering it, thinking about the memories we have made.

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hiraeth workkdissleep

Hiraeth.  A deep longing for something, especially one’s home. A Welsh word that doesn’t exist in the English language but exists in my heart.

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What is enough?

workkidssleep what is enough

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it has!  4 years has gone so quick! From saying our Welsh goodbyes back in November 2018, to setting up our new life, to schools, to work and a global pandemic.  It’s been a rollercoaster!  But what is enough?

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Wanderlust workkidssleep

I’m 42 now (26 if anyone asks), and I’m in a point in my life where I’m happy. Just started a new job, which is challenging but which I’m enjoying.  Kids are happy, hubby is happy, life is good, but I am always experiencing wanderlust.

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A Beautiful Mess


I’m trying, like really trying to hold it all together at the moment. Times are tough and I thought I was too, but it’s all a bit of a beautiful mess. 

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Memini, ergo sum

workkidssleep memini ergo sum

Memini, ergo sum, I remember, therefore I am. An adaptation of the famous philosophical statement by René Descartes. Memory is a very interesting phenomenon.  It makes up part of our being, it creates emotions and is our ticket back to the land of the past. But can making memories also help us slow down time?

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Thoughts of old

Thoughts of old workkidssleep

While I sit here tonight glass in hand in Tasmania, in a beautiful hotel overlooking the amazing city of Hobart, one of the world’s most southern cities on what is the last few hours of my thirties, I’m thinking thoughts of old. The age thing doesn’t bother me.  I do wonder where the years have […]

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From 40 with Love, and thanks

from 40 with love workkidssleep

When I was a teenager, I thought 40 was old, like really old!  It’s apparently the big one, but is it really?  I mean, what makes it big?  Is it because we’re maybe half-way through the game?  Because we’re supposed to be mature at this point with semi-grown up kids?  Is it now that life […]

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What’s your story?

Storytelling has been around for century’s, since cave men drew on the walls before the English language was a thing.  We all love a good story and no matter what our life’s tale, we can all relate to a story, we all have emotions in common and can all remember once upon a time.

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How to create your Vision Board

Visualisation is actually one of the most powerful mind exercises there is.  Seeing things makes them become more real and makes the mind acknowledge them, meaning they will remain in your memory for longer than maybe something you read.  

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Why wait?

Ok, so we’re alive.  I’m writing this, you’re reading it, we’re thinking, breathing, drinking hot chocolate, we’re very much alive, so why wait?

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Learning to live, again

Can you really change? At almost 40, pretty set in your ways, done the same things the same way for forever, can you really hit the reset button on yourself and start over?  It appears so.

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My life’s ambition

So being an ambitious person, I’ve always been one for pushing harder, for wanting to achieve more, for wanting the bigger and brighter things in life, and going above and beyond, certainly in my working life to get what I know I’m capable of.  How age changes things.

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Changing lanes, changing lives

Not having enough time is something I’ve always blamed on having children, between playing housemaid, taxi driver and referee, they tend to suck up every last minute of any potential downtime in the day, whilst I’m trying to make it go slower.  We’re all busy in our lives, juggling our commitments and chores, but is […]

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Outside of the bubble

So Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To travel is to live”, a quote which still rings true today, and one I take my mind to often.

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In a heartbeat

Sitting here writing this on the plane, homeward bound, in the dark, not having the luxury of being able to sleep at 38,000 feet, I’m reflecting on my week in LA, which was pretty amazing.  Lots to see and certainly lots to do, and with the sun hitting 103F at its highest, it was more […]

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Am I worthy?

So I’m sitting here, writing this, on a Virgin Atlantic flight, heading to LA, but contemplating where I’m actually going.  Currently at 38,000 feet exactly, and just over 3 hours until we land, I’ve spent most of the trip staring out of the window at the beautiful white cloudy skyline, thinking of the week ahead, […]

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Work trip, guilt trip

It’s so tough being torn between the two things that mean the most to you.  Your family and your career.  Always wanting both from a young age, I guess I never did really consider how people did it, how it would work.  Not having parents doesn’t help but I guess I never really did contemplate […]

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