Why wait?

Ok, so we’re alive.  I’m writing this, you’re reading it, we’re thinking, breathing, drinking hot chocolate, we’re very much alive, so why wait?

Bucket List workkidssleep

Bucket list.  Great film, awesome actors and we all know the story but I’ve never really got it.  We all have life dreams, things we want to do, things we want to see, places we want to visit and whilst I understand most of these are probably a little adventurous and cost a small fortune, how does this change when you’re dying, what difference does it make, does someone else pay?!

Life is a gift workkidssleep

Just the words ‘bucket list’ can be fearful, let alone the thought of writing one. Defined as a list of must-do’s before you die, writing a bucket list can remind us that life as we know it is coming to an end, something we’d rather not think about.  But, on the flip side, thinking about it for a minute can actually inspire you to change the way you’re living right now, to think of life as a gift, one that can be taken away at any time, one that needs to be treasured, encouraged and lived. So why wait?

beach writing workkidssleep
Make a plan! Preferably with nice stationary and a hot chocolate… on the beach!

I’ve written many times of late about how we should own our own lives, live it on our terms, make all you want to happen, happen and this is no different.  Life is short, we all know this and writing a bucket list forces you to look at your life and to work out what it is you actually want to achieve.  It will give your life direction, instantly give you something to focus your mind on, help you set goals for your now and your future, and help keep you on track of what it is you want to achieve in your life, keeping you motivated and passionate about reaching them.

Skydive workkidssleep
Amazing feeling of being alive!

Apparently life begins at the end of your comfort zone, once you’ve built up enough courage to step outside of it.  Yes it’s stress free in there, everything is good, life is easy, you’re coasting along each day in your bubble but where is the fun in that?  If you have a dream to do something, a challenge you’ve set yourself, a place you want to fly off to, a chance to conquer the world, then the time is now, while you have your health, not once you get diagnosed with something nasty.  Meeting your goals and living your life’s dreams gives you a massive boost in life.  To know that you have achieved something, that you’ve made it, that you reached it, that you’re enough.

aussie backpacking workkidssleep
Memories – Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, New Zealand BBQ on the beach

Walk the Great Wall of China, swim the Barrier Reef, climb Everest, or maybe its something a little simpler, and less scary!  Start your own business, run 10k without stopping, nail that Jamie Oliver Lasagne.  Whatever you wrote on your bucket list, whatever you achieved will give you a wealth of experience and you’ll have amazing, personal tales of the extraordinary things you have done with your life, things you can tell your grandchildren!  Be the one they remember, the one that took the risks, the one that was adventurous, the one that could cook that awesome Lasagne!  Whatever the goal, whatever the dream, don’t hold back.  Write it down, make a plan, give yourself a timeline (don’t be too strict on this one!), and make a start working towards it, we’re alive ’til we’re dead.

My Mam – Hard Rock T-Shirt collector!

Maybe my Mother had things she still wanted to do.  She loved holidays and I’m sure there would have been a few more places she’d love to have seen had her health been on her side.  But when it’s too late, it’s too late, the clock only ticks one way.

The world is our Oyster

I for one would hate to look back on my life if I ever get served notice and spend my last years, months, weeks, days dreaming about all the things I wish I’d done.  I want to travel to far away places, cities with culture, history, a different language but I’d also settle for jumping in the car and driving with no destination in mind, just seeing where we end up, all part of the adventure, making memories on the way.

Nice, France workkidssleep
We all loved Nice!
Cannes workkidssleep
Cannes was one of our faves!
Monaco, 2nd Smallest country in the world!!
The famous Monte Carlo Casino!

The children are the same. They want to travel and view the world, see new sights and experience new things as often as possible, they’ve already done and seen far more than I had at their age, travelling the UK and Europe, the South of France and Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and now here in Australia.

Anne Frank House Amsterdam woerkkidssleep
Great bit of history
Amsterdam boat trip workkissleep
Amsterdam Canal – Just breathtaking
Huntington Beach, Los Angeles

Without dreams what is there?  Life is one big dream but this time we’re awake and in control of what happens.   Grab life, make it yours and don’t kick the infamous bucket, instead fill it full of all your goals, your adventures, your dreams, your memories, and keep it close always, it will represent the future you.

Love Rhian


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