Aussie life is totally awesome, but…

There’s always a ‘but’ right.  When life is good and great things are happening, when luck is on your side and things are working out, there’s always a ‘but’, and mine has arrived. 

always a but workkidssleep

Our new life in Australia is awesome, text book living the dream.  Morning runs on the sand, daily rides of the waves, hair in a scruffy bun always, (shaving legs frequently is a pain!), it’s all pretty cool and we love it!


But no matter where you are in this big old world, or how happy you’re feeling at any given time, you cannot stop your mind from thinking, from wandering, which mine’s been doing frequently of late.

Beach thinking workkidssleep
Deep in thought with the waves

Moving to the other side of the world is a big deal, I’m not denying it. We talked about it for years and years but when the official visa’s eventually arrived, we were up and out in no time, it was all done in exactly 4 weeks.  We sold the house, packed up our lives, said our goodbyes and we were gone, in a flash.

Expedia Flight Booking workkidssleep
2 days later, flights booked – 4 weeks and counting

Maybe that’s the issue, maybe it all happened so quick but we were so excited to start over and to start our new lives that maybe I didn’t stop to appreciate all I was leaving behind, and I admit it, I’m kinda homesick at the moment.  I’ve had tears and I’ve looked through a ton of old photo’s, which probably didn’t help and I’m missing my mother loads which is weird, she’s been gone over 17 years.

Visa countdown calendar workkidssleep
Visa countdown calendar – 204 days of waiting for the dream!

The kids have had tears too, well our Daughter at least and our Son is reminiscing a lot of late.   He’s remembering being out with the boys, taking packed lunch to the park, having fun up the den and being out, walking around town with a gang of his besties, the ones he’s been with since he was 3yrs old.  Our Daughter gets very emotional and misses her friends terribly and together, seeing and hearing them both talk about their happy lives back home, it breaks my heart, and I feel selfish.

Timeout with friends

We’re 9 weeks into the big adventure so it’s still early days but this was our dream, we were the ones who wanted to up and leave for this new life and try out new opportunities that this amazing country has to offer, not them, but if the move was to improve all of our lives should I be feeling guilty?  Should I feel bad for making this move if it was in an effort to give us all an amazing life experience, to give us all more opportunity that maybe we wouldn’t have had back home?

Our first Aussie Christmas Day – Making new memories

I’m not regretting it, not for a second, life is good and we’re all happy but maybe only now I’m realising what I’ve left, and it’s hit me hard this last week.  I didn’t have parents or grandparents to leave, so that was a bonus but I miss my Brothers and Sisters something awful, their kids too!  I miss popping in, I miss grabbing a quick glass or a cuppa and biscuit, I miss picking up my crazy Nephews from school and taking them to the park with a cone of chips, all the little things.

Fun times

I may be sad sitting here looking back on what I’ve left behind but I’m pretty sure if we hadn’t had made this dream come true, I’d be sitting at home thinking what could have been.  Luck didn’t make this happen, hard work and passion for this life did so I fully take the blame for the way the children and I are feeling right now, but tomorrow is a new day, a new adventure, granted the same amazing beach, but this new life will be what we make it.

Casuarina Beach, NSW, workkidssleep
Our beach, our home

Our family and friends will always be there for us as we will be for them.  We’ll always keep in touch, call, write, FaceTime (thanks Mr Zuckerberg!) and yes, we may be over 10,000 miles away on opposite sides of the world but we’ll always be close in heart and mind.


But life is what we make it and you live it your way so now that we’re here, where we wanted to be for so long, we have to give it our everything.  There’s no algorithm to life, there’s no right way to do it, there’s no set rule book so if it’s not working out for some reason or another, I’m not too proud to go back, back to the place I will always call home, no matter where I actually. live.

img_4977 2
Together, wherever

I’m feeling a lot better after writing this, which I did on the quiet beach in floods of tears but I do feel more positive after putting pen to paper, that and watching the waves dance helps me focus for sure.  Plus our box from home should be with us in a few days and I cannot wait to unpack it and get all our little bits out on display, our cushions, our photo frames, our mirrors (millions of teddy bears!), it will make it feel more cosy for sure. Life is good, life is great, we’re loving it, no complaints, and I honestly cant wait to live out all our dreams here in sunny Australia, but… #fullcircle 

Love Rhian


Written by Editor, Rhian Cable


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