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When we hear the words ‘The Great Wide Somewhere’, we all think travel right? Exploring, discovering new things, figuring out the world and I too am doing that, but I’m starting on the inside.

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When (the new!) Belle belted out this tune, she too was talking about the world. She wanted to get away from her ‘provincial life’ in her small village and have adventures like the stories in her books, but I’m looking at it in a slight different way.

Belle the great wide somewhere workkidssleep

For me of late, adjusting to live over here in Australia has made me think rather deeply about a few things. Back home I was happy, we had a beautiful little house we called home, I had a good job, kids were mega happy with their friends and their school lives, but then we upped-sticks and moved to the other side of the world, and I feel so guilty and selfish, I think I always will.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we’re not happy, living in paradise right by the beach in this chilled out country is awesome, but the homesickness kicked in a few weeks back and is still, for me, very much part of the picture. I see boys playing on the court opposite the house, laughing, joking, playing basketball and groups of girls running around the park playing games and it breaks my heart to think of my two, them being the only one the other one has.


Work is work, it comes and goes and I may be looking for something a bit different soon, I kinda miss being part of a team, freelance can be lonely, but I’ve also started to really think about how I can get my mind to a healthier place after making such a big move.

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I meditate and run daily, which helps but feeling content, fulfilled and passionate are a few things that are missing from my make-up at the minute, I’m not only missing home, I seem to be missing half of myself, my inner self and I really need to find a way to dig deep and rediscover the old, Welsh-living Rhi.

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Like Belle’s books, we’re all already part of a story, our story, our lives. The monotony of our everyday life often clouds us from the reality that we are in control, and that we are the ones to write the next pages. We are already part of a massive adventure just by living and it shouldn’t really matter where in the big wide world we’re doing it, although at the moment, my book needs a bit of editing before it gets too close to the end.

self discovery great wide somewhere workkidssleep

I need to refigure out my path over here, get my thoughts inline and get back on track. The kids happiness is my first priority and I know they will be fine, mainly because they have love and security but I need to sort my head out and get back to my happy place (metaphorically speaking, not booking any return flights, not just yet).

do what makes you happy workkidssleep

What if Belle needed to do the same. What if she was singing about something deeper, finding her path in life away from all those people who made fun of her for being different, of wanting out of the everyday chores she dreads to find a new adventure in life, about finding herself… or maybe she was just singing about bagging herself a Prince, a new dress and a big house out of town.

Much love,

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