Living this game we call Life

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

Dear Life, I’d kinda hope by now I’m playing it right, that I know the rules of your game. There seems to be a lot of challenges and I’m not entirely sure I fully understand it yet; I couldn’t find the manual.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

We’ve not talked for a while, not since I left the UK heading for Australia, reminiscing of what I’d just left behind, excited about the dream but nervous about the challenge, needing your guidance on what lay ahead.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

A lot has happened in the last six months, the new you is great!!  We’ve gotten settled on the other side of the world, we’ve made friends, we’re right by the beach and we’re loving it here, but there’s something that’s always on my mind.  I can’t ever get away from it, every time I look across the ocean into nothing but blue, or at the moon at night, or at the children sleeping in bed, you’re all I think about, the old you, the you I miss so much.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

We all know your clichés. Life it short, live life for today, you only live once, and I totally agree with those.  I do my best to abide by your rules and make every day count, collecting memories like gold coins as I go, living this game we call Life.  But in this game of yours I don’t get extra lives, or a get out of jail free card and there is only one roll of the dice.  I can’t go backwards and re-do some of the stages, I have to make choices on how to play as I go along, and stand by my decisions no matter what the consequence.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

I can only play with the cards I’m dealt and sometimes they’re not great, they hurt real bad and I feel like I can’t play on, but I know I have to.  As much as my game is a single player challenge, there’s a lot of other players at every stage who count on me and my survival, I cannot and will not let them down.  Sometimes it hurts but lessons are learned so you’ll know how to get through it next time you face that challenge.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

I’m almost on level 40 and there’s still some juggling to do.  There are still platforms I want to reach, experiences I want to squeeze into every column of my life with no gaps, and end of level bosses to overcome but I think we’ve almost clocked it.  By clocking it I don’t mean finished, I’m looking forward to the next 40+ levels and power up opportunities, navigating my way through your game, joystick in hand.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

Other than work which starting tomorrow I’ll be doing from home, the majority of my time now is spent adventuring and discovering new sights to add to the life gallery, or on the beach watching the sun wake and sleep, where I ponder the character I used to be before I changed course and think of how she’s different now.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

There are of course cheat codes in every game but I’m not into that.  I have always engaged this game with purpose, with kindness, with love, with passion and have played hard for everything I have achieved.  £200 every time I pass go would be good, an annual birthday bonus but the completed year alone I am grateful for.

living this game we call Life workkidsleep

I thank you for looking out for me, for not cutting me off when I didn’t play it right and I thank you for all the memories, from the old you and the ones we’re making daily with the new you.  We’re all living for today and for tomorrow and I plan on staying right by your side every step of the way, at least until our timer runs out.

Much love,

Rhian Author workkidssleep


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