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Life is a game, a book, a tale and on times needs editing and re-writing.  Our story thus far is true but if carried forward, could be the death of the person you aspire to be.  The past you is in the past, it’s got you to where you are, same old story.  But it could restrict you from getting where you want to be if you keep reliving it. 


It’s said that we create this version of ourselves based upon our past story.  The story we tell ourselves of who we are.  That all the things in life we’ve already done, already been through, already experienced contribute to the person we are today.  Whilst I understand and agree to that thought, I don’t believe the past should define the person that stands here right now in this moment. Or the future you.


We can get too seduced by our past.  Our memories of a comfy life, of a safe life, of a life where our dreams were just that, thoughts in our head.  But it doesn’t need to be that way.  Look inside yourself at who you want the future you to be.  Vision what you want, navigate that path and don’t let the old story, the old you, hold you back.


We’re all a fish out of water at some time in our lives.  We sometimes feel unseen, unrecognised, unaccepted and appear scared of moving out of the box, out of that space to the unknown.   But don’t look for a reason to ignore your heart, give it what it wants.  We don’t know what’s coming and our mind only measures what we could lose, not what we could gain.


Step outside of your lane. Craft your life.  Create your story.  Connect to yourself and your dreams.  Don’t make your old story your future goal, make it bigger than that.  Reinvent yourself always and turn your failures into fuel to propel you forwards.  Unleash that potential, live out loud, do it for yourself and step into your new story, into the person you can be.  Anything is possible.


Set the goals of the person you want to be and make your theme crystal clear in your mind and heart.  Be yourself, be true, be authentic, be honest, be real, be raw, be venerable, be human and act like the world is always watching.  Be self-aware and open your mind to how your life can be, and step into the person you are on the inside, not the one the old story keeps telling.  Own your story. 

Follow your heart and your soul and ignite the birth of a new consciousness.  New mind, new you. You’ve got this.

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Written by Editor, Rhian Cable
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