This is me…

Hi, I’m Rhian.

Wife, mum of two, full time freelance marketing specialist, and passionate blogger.   Being a mum is by far the most challenging job but building a 20year career has also been rather demanding, as has juggling the two.  Marketing is what I love to do, getting creative, sculpting ideas into something amazing, banking memories with stunning photography, writing words that capture the imagination, and turning a blank piece of paper or white screen into something engaging and valuable.


WorkKidsSleep is an overview of my life, that’s all I actually ever do.  Work, tend to the kids, and sleep.   I love to exercise, eat well, I appreciate the outdoors, love a good book and a visit to the cinema, which all happen no where near enough as they should, but blogging, for me, is a way to release all my inner thoughts, my fears and my dreams, which I share in the hope that someone else feels like me, that I’m not the only one that has no idea what ‘me’ time is.

Adlib Media workkidssleep

But there was a plan for a long time, a plan to break out of the Welsh Valley and see the world, experience different things and simply live a slower life, and in November 2018 we did it, we moved to Australia!   Life here is amazing, we have settled right in, had an amazing first sunny Christmas on the beach and are all loving it!

Casuarina Beach australia
Our beach, no filter!

I’m sure there’ll be lots of ‘new life’ posts on how the children are settling in and making new friends, how work is going, and how we’re generally building a new life across the other side of the world but also my own opinions on parenting, world travels and my deepest thoughts and moans on life in general. and if you want to follow us on this amazing journey, you can sign up on the left hand menu on the Home page, just under my autograph! ??

Thanks for visiting!