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There are two ways you can choose to live your life. You can sail along letting things play out without your control, reacting to whatever life throws at you, adapting to your surroundings and letting fate play its part, or you can choose to own it.

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We all have enough responsibility, right?  Relationships, house, kids, jobs, baggage, we’re all victims, so the idea of stepping up and taking on more responsibility in your life seems rather daunting. But just imagine for a minute a life on your terms with you in the driver’s seat, you are determining the quality of every day and you are in control of your dreams.

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Some people are more than happy to take life as it comes, deal with the day as it’s dealt, overcome and cope with anything that’s thrown at them.  To sit in the passenger seat and make the most of the view, sitting back and enjoying the ride is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a relatively safe bet, but not if you want more.


It’s said that those who most often get what they want in life have taken the time to know what they want.  These people are the ones that have sat and thought about what they want out of life, today, tomorrow or in its entirety, they’ve considered how they’re going to get it and they’ve made a plan.


One big factor in all of this is attitude.  Your attitude, and that of those around you plays a significant role in your life, change one and it changes the other. Buddah said ‘You become what you think’ and boy was he right!  Positive mental attitude is the base and the quality of everything you do.  Being in a good mental state means you as a whole, your thoughts, your voice, your actions become more positive.   And besides adopting a positive outlook on your life, one must abandon those negative areas also, those which stop you from living it your way and will restrain you excelling.   We can’t always change external circumstances, but we can always change how we think and feel about the current  situation, and how we let them affect us and our daily lives.

But who am I really?
Live by your inner true you

And how many of us actually live by our truth?  By that I mean how many of us are authentic, honest, have integrity, live our values, walk our talk?  We all know who we are behind closed doors but being our true self to the outside world, not putting up a façade and wearing a different face has a huge effect on our lives and how we live them.  If this is how we choose to do it, we end up putting an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves just to fit in, or maybe to avoid standing out, so we don’t feel foolish or exposed.  We then mask the real us and our life becomes someone else’s to avoid non-acceptance.  Living an authentic live means we need to find the courage to dig deep and live the real us, we need to love ourselves rather than the person we’re trying to be.  We need to feel confident in who we are in our lives and communicate that through how we live it.


There’s no easy fix, no trick to make it happen overnight.  If you’re feeling any of this it’s gonna take time and effort to get to your happy place and start living your life the way you want to. You have to commit to the cause, you have to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and you have to be true to yourself, it’s the only way it’s going to work.

be you be happy workkidssleep
Be you, be happy

We all go through tough times but we will always have control of our thoughts, of our feelings, of our attitude and the way we choose to react to situations. Changing our attitude, being positive and living our true self will help us live our true life, the one we deserve.  We need to learn to understand that we have the power to make all this happen, to live the life we dream of, to live it on our terms, our way.

life the life beach
Our beach, our piece of paradise

When we own our story, we live a life of connection, with ourselves and those we share our lives with.  It’s about loving yourself, being present, being positive and enjoying the ride.

Love Rhian


Written by Editor, Rhian Cable


Mum, Wife, Marketing Specialist and Blogger – Living life, every minute.

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