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Murphy’s Law states that what can go wrong, will go wrong.  Whilst I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point, it’s more commonly known as a bad break. I’m not a believer of fate, that our path is already written, and someone out there knows exactly what’s gonna happen on the next page of my book.   Na, not buying it.  For me personally, I’m pretty sure that the choices we make in life influence our destiny more so than some pre-determined blueprint. Make your own rules. Live life, pass it on

workkidssleep live life pass it on fate

It’s Your Choice

10% of life is apparently unavoidable and 90% of it is made up of how we react to it. Our choices in life include the thoughts we think and beliefs we hold, which ultimately awaken our destiny.  If we choose well, trusting what feels right and acting fearlessly, we can sail into the wind of fate head on, without it taking control of us.  And what about free will? The idea that all of our choices, along with the consequences that come with those choices are our own, not fates. I’m going with that.

workkidssleep live life pass it on fate


Life is tough for sure.  Juggling kids, work, house, bills with a plate that’s always full can be hard, and yes on times, shit just happens.  However,  is that really Lady Luck? (or her devil equivalent?), or is that just life, right here, right now in this present moment?

Already written

Fate is supposedly a life already written.  A story with a beginning, middle and an end, determined by a superpower already played out but not yet seen.   But fate to me is just a 4-letter word, with no meaning. This life is our life, we are in control of what happens next.  Everything you’ve done in your life thus far has got you to this place where you are now.  Good choices, bad choices, rushed or planned.   Yes, we could get stuck with an illness that we didn’t expect, which could be brought on by lifestyle or pulling the metaphorical short straw.  However,  the day to day living of our lives isn’t written in stone, it’s ours for the taking and the making.


We moved to the other side of the world because we wanted to. Similarly, we want to travel as a family, so we do, to see new sights, take on new adventures and make new memories.  Plus, I’m pretty sure if I wanted to jump in front of a bus, I could make that happen.  So at what point does fate step in?

Live Life, Pass It On

Will I die young? Maybe.  Can I prevent that? Possibly.  Am I going to win the lottery? Definitely not as I don’t do it.  Am I gonna live my best life and make my own decisions as I go?  Hell yes!

There is magic in life and we need to trust ourselves.  Make good choices, act upon what feels right allowing life to unfold on our terms.  Life is not promised today or tomorrow, it can all be gone in a second, so we need to own our own story, and not leave the unreality of fate decide what’s next. We need to live life, pass it on.

workkidssleep live life pass it on fate

One of my favourite quotes is ‘We are the sum total of the decisions we have made’, which epitomises how I see my life.  I write the rules, I create my own story, I am in control, I am my life, I don’t help with that, I’m all good.

Written by Editor, Rhian Cable


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