Be Great – be grateful: #2

This week has been a bit of everything! A productive working work, bit of shopping and our first Australian Day celebrations! 

Jan 21st – Jan 26th 2019.

?? Build a Bear
To celebrate National Hug Day this year, we decided to make the most of an online offer we’d seen and head to Build-A-Bear, one of our Daughters fave places back in Cardiff. It was out first time in an Australian store, this one based in Pacific Fair Mall, Queensland, about a 45 minutes drive from home.

Bulid a bear Queensland Australia workkidssleep
Just like home

Seeing the store in its exact same branded format as our local one back home was great, she’s missed it, and we just loved having a nose at all the clothes and teddies, before designing new  T-Shirts for her existing Bears, Mila & Oakley.


Needless to say we had fun and loved being in the creative setting sketching out our T-Shirts, which were branded Pokemon and Harry Potter, plus an unplanned, new addition to the family was also introduced, Snoozy the Gorilla!   It really was a lovely day and great to see her with a big smile on her face.

?? Rainbow Warriors.
This week I attended another networking event, organised by the Rainbow Warriors Facebook Group.  I’ve been a member since I first arrived here in Australia and this was the first event put on by the ladies only group in this area, which attracted a lot of attention from women in various professions and industries.

Rainbow Warriors networking event workkidssleep
Networking time with lovely pretty stationary!

The day was centred around goals and how to plan them, take control of them and ultimately reach them.  I’d been to a similar one in Kikki-K a few weeks back so I’d already thought quite a lot about this topic but it was nice to revisit it as a way to strengthen my plans for 2019.

Workkidssleep networking
Setting future goals

The day was hosted my Michiela and Jude who were both amazing and it really was very inspiring to be around this large group of women who all had their own businesses, newly launched or established, and who all had dreams for this coming year to take their businesses to the next level, me included.


?? Lights, Camera, Action!
Following our bout of homesickness over recent weeks, this Thursday saw a significant step made toward the feeling of normality.  Back home our Daughter was part of an acting group, which she totally loved and had been on stage several times, 3 in the last year, taking part in their state productions with prominent roles.

NAPA Queensland australia workkidssleep
Little actress starting her next adventure

Since arriving her mid-november, she missed out on the Christmas show back home, which she had rehearsed for, and she’d been very much missing her acting classes and her friends there.  Wanting to be an actress when she’s older, I knew that we had to find somewhere here for her to continue her passion toward her dreams.

Workkidssleep networking
In awe of the current acting stars

The National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) is just a 30 minute drive away across the border into Queensland and she has decided to give stage acting a miss, the only class available back home, and go straight into Junior TV and Film where she will be learning how to perform in front of the camera as opposed to a live audience.

Howells management Australia workkidssleep

We have also signed her up with an acting agent, Kristy Howell Management, who will be representing her in the commercial, TV and Film Extras division.  Look out Hollywood!


?? Australia Day!
Celebrating our first one today, our 2019 Australia Day has been awesome!   We were up early this morning as always and headed to our local creek by 8.15am for a dip with the fish, body boards in tow.  The sun was up and it was already 26º and the water was amazing, so calm and peaceful with no waves, which leads right into the ocean for those wanting a little more water action.

Australia Day Kingscliff creek workkidssleep
Our First ‘stralia Day!

We spent a few hours there before heading back to the house for lunch then made our daily trip down the beach for more family fun this afternoon.  It’s a 4-day holiday here in Australia this weekend, celebrating their national day and I decided that work would not be on the agenda and that time with the Hubby and Kids was all it was about.

We’ve had a fabulous day, laughed together, played frisbee, handball, rode the waves and just enjoyed each others company.  Amazing day!

?? Happiness Doesn’t Make Us Grateful; Gratitude Makes Us Happy

Much love,

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