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sitting here workkidssleep

Sitting here, right now, with this view.  The Milano cathedral all lit up at dusk.  The Duomo, the people, and the pigeons.  The last night of our grand Italian tour.  Sitting here just remembering it, thinking about the memories we have made.

Italy had been on the hit list for a while.  We talked about it the very first night we met in the pub, back in 1997.  So many things to see in Italy, so many sights, so many ticks on the bucket list to be made.  It’s such a beautiful country.

I love Italy workkidssleep

We left the UK and headed to Roma.   As soon as we landed, I could feel it!  I could feel the ambience of the city. I could feel the past, the history and the culture oozing out of every relic building and ruin that lined the streets.  We saw the sights. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Wedding Cake, Pantheon, the Arch of Constantine, the Spanish Steps, and the Vatican!  Wow!  Just incredible.  It brought so many childhood memories as I walked the path to the Basilica wearing my 42 year old St Christopher.  Earth’s smallest country and an incredible archaeological site of the Roman world.  Just stunning.

rome workkidssleep

st Christopher Vatican City workkidssleep

Next stop was Napoli.  Didn’t stop there long but saw the sites and the Bay and headed to Pompeii.  Another amazing experience, walking on the 2000 year old cobbled streets in the footsteps of the Romans and the Gods.   A bit of a somber place knowing what happened there, as Mount Vesuvius still stands there today looking down on the city that once was.

Pompeii workkidssleep

Amalfi Coast was everything I had hoped it to be.  The coastline was so picturesque with pretty coloured houses at the water’s edge on a steep rock face. We headed to Atrani, Italy’s smallest city and Amalfi town.  Ravello took our breath away with its magnificent views and Minori was the cutest little place.  A bus ride to Positano was just gorgeous, towns and cities passing like postcards. Again with its cliffside homes, Positano made me smile with its beach, delicate bakeries, and delicious coffee shops.

Positano workkidssleep

The drive north to Tuscany was planned to be 6 hours but turned out to be 12 with just the worst traffic, albeit with beautiful sights of snow topped mountains.  Drivers were a little crazy with no consideration of speed limits, give way signs or indicators! Nothing much to see as we arrived in the dark, but the morning showed us all its beauty.  The AirBNB house was just beautiful as were the surroundings and the sunset. This was home from home for a short while and we relished in its peaceful setting amongst the Tuscan hills.

podere piazza di sopra Tuscany workkidssleep

podere piazza di sopra Tuscany workkidssleep

A few day trips while we were in Tuscany.  Florence was a gorgeous city, rich in heritage and I fell in love with the water and the bridges.  Pisa was a big tick off the list for me, unreal!  Such a lovely little place with the iconic tower taking precedence.

florence bridge workkidssleep

pisa workkidslseep

The final stop on the journey is here and now, Milano. This present moment.  I came to Milano in 2019 with work but saw nothing more than the cathedral and a conference center.  But to wander around the streets with no destination has felt so good these last few days.  Milano is a beautiful city with not much to see for the travelling eye, but it has the best relaxed vibe and atmosphere.  Shopping today in the worlds fashion capital felt good too!  La dolce Vita!

Milan duomo workkidssleep

Sitting here

Sitting here right now remembering the places we’ve seen in Italy this last couple of weeks feels amazing.  It’s been busy, running on hot chocolate and dreams.  It was incredible to roam all these Italian streets after all these years of imagining it. Making what I thought may be invisible, visible. We now have the memories which will last us a lifetime.

Sitting here Milan cathedral workkidssleep

Remember to collect moments not things.  Break the norm, take on new experiences, learn something new, start a new habit, travel as much as possible!  Life is short. If you’re not making the most of it, what’s the point?  Live for the moments you can’t put into words.  There are 7 days in the week and Someday is not one of them. Do it now. Make every minute count!

Grazie Italia, ciao for now!

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