Thoughts of old

Thoughts of old workkidssleep

While I sit here tonight glass in hand in Tasmania, in a beautiful hotel overlooking the amazing city of Hobart, one of the world’s most southern cities on what is the last few hours of my thirties, I’m thinking thoughts of old.

Thoughts of old workkidssleep

The age thing doesn’t bother me.  I do wonder where the years have gone and I have to think back to thoughts of old, year by year, one by one to what I did during that time to then remember that yes, I did live it, no one pressed fast forward.  But as I sit here, merely hours from the time I entered this world 40 years ago, I’m feeling happy with my life and incredibly lucky for all that I have.

Some approach big birthdays with fear and dread, dread of getting older, of getting wrinkles, of hitting menopause.  Maybe some aren’t where they thought they would be at this stage of their life so big birthdays like a 40th are the perfect time for reflection, for new plans, for future growth.

thoughts of old workkidssleep

I’m in such a different place to what I was in my thirties. I was still hustling with work, always looking to make an extra buck on the side, always worried about the impression I was making.  But now, I’m way less bothered about all that stuff and am so much happier in my own skin, doing my own thing at my own pace.  And damn, it feels good!

thoughts of old workkidssleep

39 Things I’m grateful for (in no particular order!)…

  1. My Hubby, my soul mate.
  2. My amazing, beautiful children.
  3. My 20+ year career I worked hard for.
  4. All of our health.
  5. Clean water to drink.
  6. Living by the ocean.
  7. Fresh air.
  8. My family at home in Wales, far but close
  9. Friends, quality not quantity
  10. Sunrise and sunset, the simple things in life
  11. Food on the table
  12. Roof over our heads
  13. Travel and adventures
  14. My legs for my beach walks
  15. Blogging – my therapy!
  16. Ability to read
  17. Nutella
  18. My Passport
  19. Spellcheck
  20. My iPhone camera to take a billion photo’s
  21. Hot chocolate
  22. My bed – easy to take for granted, until you don’t have one.
  23. Online shopping
  24. WiFi
  25. Being loved
  26. Loving others
  27. My senses intact
  28. Netflix
  29. Challenges for body and mind
  30. Kikki K Stationary
  31. Weekends – Time of magic
  32. Ability to learn and grow
  33. Time – There’s never enough of it
  34. My memories, so many made and yet to make
  35. The sound of laughter
  36. Smiling, always
  37. Technology, to make it all easier
  38. Breathing
  39. Another year of the game

Thoughts of old workkidssleep

I have wrinkles, I could be fitter and my legs could be longer, but I’m also loved by my children and a man I adore.  I’m safe in the community I live, I’m happy and stable in my work and I have amazing friends in both the UK and here in Australia, and my thoughts of old are simply awesome memories.

In the last hours of my thirties, I find myself contemplating life, thinking of those I’ve lost, thinking of all I have achieved and all I want to. Time appears to have paused sitting here right now but I know it will pass, and I am already grateful of tomorrow.  Now, in this moment, I sit pondering the lessons learned from my thirty-nine years and three hundred- and sixty-four-days in, and wonder if I’ve grown to be the person I was suppose to be.  I also think again about how lucky I am to have made it this far.  Not everyone does.

I leave my 30’s excited for what is ahead. Looking forward over the next decade, there’ll be lost of travel, lots of memories, lots more birthdays. more thoughts of old, and I’ll end this one with two children in the twenties, which will undoubtedly bring its own challenges, which I will embrace.  At this age, I feel I now have the strength to handle all the obstacles and anything life throws at me.  I’m determined to live a long life and do everything in my power to ensure I’m around for my kids, and their kids too.

thoughts of old workkidssleep
Burnt Ear and Romeo… my childhood sweethearts ??

My life is full, my mind rich, my heart happy.  I wait in anticipation for a beautiful chapter to end, and a new one to begin.  Thirties, out you go tonight with a kiss and a hug, you were awesome and I will remember you fondly, but tomorrow I turn the first page to the first day of my forties… and I can’t wait.

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