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Twenty20 always look up workkidssleep

I’m a massive fan of the new year, not so much the eve, in bed by my usual 9pm but just the thoughts and emotions of leaving one chapter behind and entering the next.  A mind full of plans and dreams and a list of to-dos, including to always look up. 

Wow. Twenty20!  Been waiting for this one!  Not only because every time I write the date it’s gonna take me back to the ‘90’s and the alcoholic drink and nights out with the girls, but because it just sounds so good!

MD 20/20 workkidssleepMemories

I for one am a massive fan of the new year.  Although the rise of the sun every day is a chance to start over and dig for those dreams, there’s something about the new year which makes it almost compulsory to do so. Like you can’t say no, you cant shy away.  It’s a time to reflect on the time gone passed, the last 12 months and the many before it.  It’s a reminder to always look up at what awaits you.

sunrise workkidssleepMorning World

Played out

Being in the 40 club now, born at the tail end of 1979 I’ve seen the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Noughties, the 10’s and now the 20’s.   So even though I only lived 6weeks in the first one and haven’t lived this coming one yet, this is the 6th decade I’ve been alive in.  Jeez, makes me sound and feel way older!   And at our age, when I look back over this time and think about all we’ve lived through and how the world has changed, it’s insane.

first sunrise of 2000 workkidssleepFirst sunrise of the new millennium.  January 1st 2000, Lanzarote. 

Our generation has seen 2 centuries, 2 millennia, the birth of the internet and of course social media. We’ve seen legends die and future kings born.  We’ve listened to vinyls, cassette tapes, CD’s and now downloads. Betamax to VHS to Blu Ray to Netflix.  Marathon to Snickers.  Opal Fruits to Starburst. We’ve seen our TV’s lose weight from fat to flat, phones from dial, to buttons, to touch, Nokia 3310’s to iPhone 11’s.

Nokia 3310 workkidssleepBack when…

We’ve seen Amazon go from books to space, the rise of Silicon Valley, wire to WiFi.  Paper maps to google maps and seen a guy jump from the edge of the earth.  We were there for the song’s and movies that will be around forever including the full Star Wars Saga and the Marvel Universe. We have lived through the first female Prime Minister, the first black President and now of course there’s Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Brexit.

Felix Baumgartner workkidssleepFrom the edge

We watched heart-breaking history unfold live on TV with 911, the fall of the wall, the deadliest tsunami, Louisiana hurricane and so many more.  But we also witnessed the whole world pulling together as one to help the people effected.  My Mother died almost 20 years ago and missed a lot of this stuff, god only knows where we’ll be in the next 20.  Electric cars are the tip of the iceberg no doubt.

One year, 365 possibilities

We all have dreams and plans of what we want to achieve.  Save cash, lose weight, get healthier and the new year for me is always invigorating, makes me feel revitalised, fresh, like the reset button has been pressed, like I can’t be stopped!  Plus it’s always an excuse to buy new stationary!

2020 Diary planning workkidssleepPlanning the next dream

2020 is about learning, growing (unfortunately not in height) and more than anything living. Living is a superpower we were born with, it comes naturally, it’s something we’re in control of that we can make happen in an instant, not like a diet, which let’s be honest, if doesn’t reap results in 3 weeks it’s over.

wild Cheryl strayed workkidssleepMe time

I choose to live every day, whether that’s alone time on the beach with a book immersing myself in my surroundings and taking in the view, family adventure days, or running in the rain.

running in the rain workkidssleepFeeling alive

All the things that put a smile on your face and make you feel alive with those happy emotions in your gut are signs of living.  It’s not all about travelling the globe and spending loads of money.  It’s about always looking up, living life, loving life, breathing and being grateful for it all, which is free so we should all take full advantage.

be grateful workkidssleepGrateful for the breath

So I’m here, back in my Twenties!  These are my twenties, my next 10 years and they’re going to be awesome, not that the last 40 haven’t been.

Dream big Kikki K workkidesleepKeep dreaming, never give up

I’m at the age now where I’m always looking up, I know who I am and what I want.  What makes me happy, what I don’t give a crap about and what my priorities are.  Hubby and the kids, staying healthy, working hard, saving more, visiting home and ultimately living.  Without that there is nothing.

Happy new year all, wishing you all the health and happiness in the world.

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