Be your own Architect

There are so many life clichés – Life is short | Live for today, not for tomorrow |
Live every day like it’s your last | Dream like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die today… But they are cliché for a reason, because they are true.

Hot chocolate, of course

After quitting the day job, last day this coming Friday, I’ve thought even more about life and what it’s going to be like for us as a family now that we’re both self-employed.  No sick pay, no overtime, no pension contributions, hell no monthly paycheque, but also none of the things that made me resign in the first place.   I understand that this is potentially a crazy move on my part, which may have a ripple effect; consequences on our kids, on our life and the way we live it but I also know that that’s not a reason to obstruct my happiness and fulfilment.

Family beach
All mine

In life, I believe you have to raise your hand.  You have to be confident in what you want to do and in actually doing it, you have to put yourself out there, invest in yourself, just go for it and make yourself seen and heard.  Yes, I’m diving into the unknown world of freelance but you have to push through the fear of the unknown to achieve what you want out of life, for you and your family.

Future plans
Plans in the making

Growth is an endless process and you have to plough, plant, and water your seeds to reap what you sow, it’s going to be hard and not happen over night.  But never be scared to leap, never question yourself, stop asking for permission and just do it.  This is your journey, your lesson, your time to be who you want to be, so lean in, trust yourself, have faith and blaze that trail!  You are more than enough so if you want something, go get it.  Period.

Dream believe achieve
Do what the mug says

Me?  I’m super curious about what’s next, about what life and living will be like now, about what’s going to light me up every day and what new challenges I’ll face.  We are defined in life by the choices we choose and reject, based on our values and our priorities, which ultimately shape our destiny.  So for me, this is the start of something amazing, a new life I can match to my morals and self-ethos, on my terms, played my way, designed by me… and I can’t wait.



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