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We all see and interpret things differently, it’s all about perspective. The lens through which we view the world shapes how we interpret it, so it can alter our reality from the truth and limit our living.

WorkKidsSleep through the lens

We all find it strenuous on times because life can be hard!  Work stress, money troubles, kids, it effects us all.  Since moving to Australia, I’ve taken the time to read more and learn more about our amazing minds. Being more mindful about my life and putting into practice what I’ve absorbed though these books and podcasts has been an amazing eye-opener.

WorkKidsSleep through the lens

Life has many shades and many dimensions so it’s easy for us to get lost in it all. Now I’m no expert in the mental health field and am not for a minute pretending to be.  You hear about various conditions of mental health often, anxiety, depression, eating conditions, personality disorder.  However, there’s also an area which doesn’t have a name because maybe it can’t be diagnosed.  The feeling of wanting to be alone, of general life being heavy on our shoulders, of not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, of just feeling low. When we’re in the deepest, darkest cellars of our soul.


This feeling we all get, me included, can compromise our ability to protect and develop our physical well-being.  It can get us very much stuck in a place we see no way out of so can therefore hinder our chance to live the life we envisage.



This lens through which we view the world can also be a blindfold, it can distort our vision.  It transforms what we see but shows us only the negative.  If our loud minds are marinating all the bad in our lives, the lens through which we view it will give us an inaccurate view of the space around us.  There’s always going to be dramas but we need to clean the lens of our mind to see the state of our souls.  For me, it’s all about taking stock.

WorkKidsSleep through the lens

For starters, meditating and practicing mindfulness so we are more aware and are paying more attention to the things that are around us.  Take stock of all the good in your life, family, kids, security, love.  Make a list, a great excuse for a new notepad!  Think of all the things in life that make you smile and make you feel like your true self because it’s only you that can design that inner landscape for future growth.


Making yourself happy can be expensive for sure, retail therapy is a thing and it works, temporarily. We’re all chasing the high, we all want to be happy and even though our minds may be dim, there are so many things surrounding us that can give us hope and joy, help us feel peace and love.

> Human Touch
•  Feeling loved
> Feeling secure
•  Hugs with the children
> Sex
•  The Beach
> The Ocean
•  Sandy Toes
> The Mountains
•  Barefoot on the grass
> Long walks
•  Morning run
> Exercise
• A morning routine
> Fresh Air


WorkKidsSleep through the lens

Take a moment.  Close your eyes, take down the walls, be vulnerable, be human, cry it out if it helps. Connect to your soul and give yourself permission to be happy in that moment. Open your mind, open your heart and just be.  Repeat often.  Your mindset is your superpower, find it and keep it close.


What you believe is what you become so wipe your mind and don’t be yesterday.  Start again today, start afresh, clear your mind and take away your limits.  Everything may be blurry right now but throwing yourself into something will help.  Connect with nature, forgive, love, find your passion and set a goal because that will give you the lens you need to see the future with clearer vision.

WorkKidsSleep through the lens

Besides the lens you look through and the sight you see, the one thing that is true right now is breathing, right here in this moment.  This is us, this is real life. If someone were to ask me what’s the definition of greatness is or the greatest gift you can have, my answer would be the now, right now, this exact, present moment… we just need to maybe change the lens to improve the view.

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