10 Morning tricks to make your day more productive

Some mornings are awesome!  You’re awake early, get your run done in record time, no traffic on your route into the office, coffee is super hot and you’re ready to seize the day and rule the world.  Other days, not so much.

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

When mornings don’t go that way, and lets be honest, that’s more often than not, there are, so say the experts, a few tricks you can do each morning to get the most of your day and to make it, and you more productive.   Productivity expert, Ellen Goodwin says; “If you wake up energized, you’re going to carry that energy through the rest of the day.  If you’re on the wrong foot, you’re already behind.”

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

So how can we wake up energised everyday?  It’s proven that your body and your mind favour an early start, both running on a 24-hour cycle with cues from the likes of your exercise, the lightness, the darkness, and it’s this clock that regulates your sleep, your metabolism and your energy levels. However,  the clock can be off balanced by the choices you make, such as whether you choose to go for that 6am run, or chose to instead hit the snooze button.


So what can you do to ensure your mornings are energetic and start off with a spark?

10 Morning tricks to make your day more productive

1> Plan

One thing that’s been agreed and written about may times by research on this the topic of productive mornings is that planning your day the night before is the best way to start it.  Sounds backwards right? But it’s proven to be true.   If you can take some time every night to plan out the following days activities before you go to bed, you’ll wake the next day feeling like you’ve already done something. Choose what clothes to wear to work, maybe make your lunch in advance, get your gym clothes ready for an early morning session, anything that will save you time in the morning and take away the time spent decision-making is a plus!

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

2> Stay away from the snooze!

We’ve all done it.  The alarm goes off, same time every day but some days you just need that little bit longer. Maybe it was a late night, or you didn’t sleep well, both of which are excuses for hitting the snooze button, especially when a regulated sleep pattern, such as waking at the same time each day, can give you an automatic energetic boost every time.


3> Hydrate

The first thing you should do when you are actually awake is pour yourself a class of water, lemon if you can!  A full night’s sleep can leave you dehydrated, especially if you’ve been to the loo overnight, so drinking water when you first wake and putting those fluids back into your body is a must. Add some ice and knock it back to really wake you up!


4> Meditate

It may not sound like the most energetic thing to do first thing in the morning, and some prefer to do it before bed, but taking time out to quiet the mind and meditate in the morning is said to help us think more effectively and efficiently, which in turns helps us to be more productive in the morning.   I do mine daily on the beach before my run and agree that it does help focus me for the day’s job ahead.

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

5> Exercise

This one can be a tough one to pull off every day, I do at least 5 times a week but have to admit, it hurts!  Getting your heart rate up and sweating first thing in the morning is apparently the best way to give your brain and body a Hi-5. Endorphins released in the brain help increase well-being so starting your day off with a walk, a run, a jog, or a spin class will get your body in the right place, giving you bucket loads of energy for the day ahead.  Can’t get out of the house early?  There are so many exercises you can do from home to give your body and mind the same effect, You Tube will help!

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

6> Vitimin D

We all love sun on our face, at any time of the day but it’s said that an early morning workout in the sun is giving your body signals that it’s the morning, and it’s time to start the day.   Living in Australia, where at the moment it’s summer and is at least 24º when I go for my morning run, it really doesn’t seem like such a good idea at the time, but I must admit, pushing hard through the heat and sweating lots does make me feel better and full of energy when the shower hits my face. If heavy exercise in the sun is too much, a brisk morning stroll will do the trick, maybe a walk with the dog, or to pick up the days paper.


7> Take a shower

Taking a shower is said to be one of the best ways to wake yourself up in the morning, the colder the better! Research suggests that even taking a 2 minute power-shower every day when you wake up gives you enough energy to see you though the morning, especially if you’ve just come back from the gym and are feeling happy with yourself!  For at least 30seconds, you should just stand in the shower with water running on your face and wash away any concerns for the day, your energy will carry you through.

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

8> Eat

Now this one I don’t do, having started my 16/8 fasting diet over a year ago but research does suggest that eating healthy breakfast every morning, certainly if you’ve exercised is a great way to get your body and mind energised.    Our metabolism is wide awake in the morning too so any calories you eat early on won’t sit on your hips, they will turn straight into energy that you may well need for the day ahead.

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

9> Coffee Time

Coffee has always had a bad rap for being unhealthy if it’s drunk often, and whilst I agree,  having a cup in the morning is shown to actually make people feel less groggy and therefore more energetic.   Drinking coffee is said to make you feel more alert, and if it’s something you enjoy, starting the day with one will make you smile, which helps!

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

10> Be Happy

So you’ve planned your day the night before, you’ve woken up on time, drunk water, meditated, been for a run in the sun, showered, eaten a healthy breakfast, had a coffee, and you’re all set for the day ahead.  But there’s one last thing you should do before leaving the house, something that sounds crazy but actually works.   You need to smile.  Find your nearest mirror, look yourself in the eyes and smile.  Research suggest that smiling to yourself everyday releases chemicals in the brain, which indicates that you’ve decided you’re going to be happy today, that your full of energy, that nothing is going to stop you. Today is a new day, you’ve had an awesome morning, your pumped for the day ahead and ready to take it on… and you’re alive, what’s not to smile about!

Morning tricks to make your day more productive

Have a great day!

Much love,

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