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Tomorrow isn’t promised, we know that.  We’ve read enough quotes and fridge magnets to remind us that we have to live like it’s our last day. The days go quick, the weeks are long and the years short, and it’s true what they say, life really does go by in the blink of an eye.  We just need to concentrate on that moment when it all can change.

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I’m a massive planner!  That moment when I go stationery shopping for a new notepad for the latest scheme that I’ve already overthought and mastered in my head.  But with age comes reflection.  Whilst I don’t do regrets, things happen in the moment, we react and we live with them, I do admit that I’m too much in control.

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Work has to be planned.  There’s so much going on with numerous clients all of which have needs during the working 9am-5pm (or 5-9!) that the week has to be thought out in-depth in advance. Scheduling a Facebook post at 5.30am. Publishing a blog with one hand whilst eating dinner. Whipping up an email reply whilst listening to your daughter’s school recital.  It all comes with the territory.

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I generally know on a Sunday exactly what the following week will already look like.  Early morning sunrise run, shower, work, no lunch, work, kids after school classes, work, bowl of cereal, work, book time, bed.  Times five.  It’s a continuous loop of pre-arranged, repetitive activities.  Groundhog.

workkidssleep Groundhog Day


My children were the ones who made me live in the future.  They turned me into someone who thinks of spare changes of clothes, snacks, water bottles, pocket chargers, sun cream.  That moment when the children were born and I became an awesome fortune teller, predicting what was going to happen when. Where I needed to be.  What I needed to be doing at any given time.  My route somewhat written. lifes path

I have spent the last few weeks totally missing my travel and adventure due to the never-ending battles of 2020.  I’ve spent time looking through all my globetrotting photographs from the 22 countries we’ve visited over the last 22 years.  Lockdown arrived like a smack in the face. Our world shrank instantly and our travel and independence plans for this year with it. Whilst I know there’s people having it harder than me all over the world, we’re all feeling it. world travels

Letting life spool out in front of me and just turning towards the path that seems the most exciting or interesting is the way forward, for sure.  I don’t want to know for certain what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month.  I want to make spur of the moment decisions which may break me from the norm. I want to rebel and go against the pre-set structure of my day to day life.  Take a different road from time to time. the chosen road


We should go here. We should do that. We should experience this life changing or at least routine altering thing.  All the should’s we say but never do. But why not?  Why can’t we work out a way to continue with the rat race, make money, pay the bills, feed the kids, but also live a balanced life? beach thinking

I’m more than happy with not knowing the future.  Just let it play out and see what happens, let life surprise me a bit but I am, by nature, restless.  The idea of a period of time without activity or a plan makes me itch and sitting at the desk for 12 hours a day is hard.  Yes, the money rolls in which looks after us and opens doors, but not if you’re tied to the MacBook.  Whilst I cannot escape the monotony of the working week, I have attempted of late to mix it up a little and change the days’ layout as best I can. make it count


Breaking the repetitiveness and reading my book at 5am in the morning outside in the fresh air instead of going for a run.   Switching the order of my working day and how I plan the tasks to simply mix it up a bit. Saying no to potential new work that I could do if I didn’t want to sleep.  That moment when even the slightest change to my usual days schedule makes such a difference to my everyday life.  A spur of the moment, unanticipated decision to go a different way and break the rules is so good for my head, and my heart, and I’m enjoying it. morning reading


As I age, I’m not afraid of much.  Not heights, not snakes, not dying, but one thing that I do think about often is illness.  Alzheimer’s in particular, losing my memory.  They say as you get older and life gets repetitive and run-of-the-mill, and you don’t make many new memories, your brain slows down and becomes prone to such illnesses.   Our mind records less of the non-interesting markers, meaning the period of time doing something routine seems to be shorter.  Therefore time seemingly goes faster, even though the clock still ticks at the same speed. make moments

One way to avoid this happening is by making new memories and to do that, we need to experience more and get out of the regimented schedule.  Age is a factor, time seems to go faster as we get older and research backs this up speaking of how time passing quickly is linked to routine… so break it! live your life

We all remember our firsts.  First driving lesson, first love, first kiss, first job.  All new experiences which stick with us forever.  Why?  Because they were new.  There were lots of things to discover and explore when we were younger, new experiences and things to observe.  These memories are recorded for all of time.  New experiences create new memories and it is these that keep the brain working.  Creating these regularly as opposed to living Bill Murray style Groundhog Day gives us a better chance of keeping our brain healthy, keeping us young and living a non-repetitive life. dear life blog story


That moment when you realise you’re in control, and you can get the most out of every day providing you live it.  Yes, we all have to work but we must remember to be alive too.  Maybe it’s because of people I’ve lost but living life to the fullest is so important to me right now.  Spending time making new memories and living over sitting at the desk and finishing that piece of work, which can wait until tomorrow…. If it comes, of course.



Written by Editor, Rhian Cable


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