Maybe tomorrow?

maybe tomrrow? workkidssleep

As I sit here and reflect on my life, I can’t help but think about the fragility of it all. The fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed and that my time on this earth is limited. It’s a scary thought, but it’s also a reality that we all have to face.  Maybe tomorrow?

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Live life, pass it on

workkidssleep fate

Murphy’s Law states that what can go wrong, will go wrong.  Whilst I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point, it’s more commonly known as a bad break. I’m not a believer of fate, that our path is already written, and someone out there knows exactly what’s gonna happen on the next page of […]

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Let’s talk about Life, Baby

lets talk about life baby workkidssleep

We all know life is precious, we’re reminded of it frequently when we hear sad news.  A child has left their parents, a young wife her husband and family, a sudden tragic accident, world event or god forbid terrorist attack has left hundreds without.   Life’s length isn’t guaranteed, tomorrow’s not promised, it can easily be […]

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Learning to live, again

Can you really change? At almost 40, pretty set in your ways, done the same things the same way for forever, can you really hit the reset button on yourself and start over?  It appears so.

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Are we there yet?

We all ask ourselves questions.   Am I a good parent?  Should I be doing more to help others?  Should I be reconnecting with family and friends I’ve lost touch with?  Should I be spending more time with the children? Am I enough?

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Tick tock

When we were young time didn’t really go fast.  Maybe because we didn’t have anywhere to be, no one was waiting on us and we didn’t clock watch and wonder how long we had left.  Nowadays, I think of it often.

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Right here, right now

We live in an era of disturbance, of interference, of distraction yet our futures will be determined by the amount of attention we pay to the present.  Lots of things have changed for me lately, some big moves have been made for sure and I’m looking ahead to the future, but should I be?

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Suddenly I see

We all change right?  Maybe as a result of something happening in our lives, something negative or positive, something in our control or out of it, but for me, it’s ultimately an age thing.

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