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Reminiscing back to 2012, finding my own little piece of the internet with a brand new Facebook page, it was great to re-connect with school friends and old colleagues alike, ones I’d not seen or spoke to for quite some time.  Getting friend requests off people I could just about remember, posting up the best profile pic I could find hoping people would say I’d not aged, and getting likes and comments on my posts was something that became instantly satisfying, a crave that became addictive, a daily need, a state of mind I thought nothing more about.

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I run social media management as part of the day job so having a personal Facebook page is a must, although I have always had two profiles.   A work one where I’m friends with industry buddies, colleagues and a few people I’ve heard of in the working world but have no idea of their age, where they live, or their real surname, which I use to manage all of the pages I run, and a second page, which is my personal account, connecting with real friends, family, closer colleagues; full of all people I would say hi to and ask how they are if I walked past them in the street, and probably 50% of whom I have their mobile number or email.

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5 years on from launch, and recently being in a bit of a re-evaluation mood with work and life in general, not helped by the recent trip to LA where everyone was so laid back, chilled out and not actually walking the streets with their heads facing down, I’ve decided to take the leap and give the book a break.  I don’t post pics of the hubby and kids, only cool abstract ones – no faces, and I don’t tend to put a load of me up either, only the odd new profile pic or rare night out with the girlies.

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My feeds are mostly life quotes, silly birthday photos of friends, days at the beach or trips away with the family, and the sharing of general posts that inspire me in the hope they will others, and although there’s been a few in the past when I’ve finished first in a run, or passed an exam, I’m not really a flashy Facebooker.   I don’t talk about my brand new car, or have countdown to all of this years’ holidays or wedding invites, or link my runs to Strava in the hope someone will give me the thumbs up, I’m actually not a fan of that type of boasting, oh I mean posting, and prefer to share stories that make people relate, as opposed to those that make others question their lives… but each to their own of course.

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Being a working mum, running the house, dealing with the kids, as a lot of us do, my time is valuable to me and my family and it begs the thought of what else could I do with the time I spend on Facebook?  I love seeing other people’s pics, and commenting on posts but I do wonder that if, while I’m reading all about their lives, I’m wasting my own.  People I’d told before the big switch off were quite shocked, as if I would be missing out on something, and asked me how I would communicate with everyone, which kinda says it all!  I’m guessing they’ve not heard of telephones, text messaging or face to face contact over a coffee.

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Facebook has been fun don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some good group chats, stitched up some friends and family with childhood pics, and being able to connect that easily has had its plus points.  But there’s no one important enough to me on Facebook that couldn’t contact me the old fashioned way, something I would much prefer anyway, maybe it’s an age thing!

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Facebook is of course free so takes nothing from your hard earned cash but what it does take is time, the one thing we can’t get back.  I always say I have no ‘me’ time, very little time to do anything bar work, eat and sleep, so I’m hoping this is one way to get some back… although very doubtful with the little ones!  Spare minutes will no doubt be spent with more Disney Tsum Tsum games, jigsaw puzzles and of course, extra hugging time.


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