Positives, promises and smiles

So work has been a little pants of late, no change to the status quo there, and Friday, I decided enough is enough.  I do my job, and I do it very well, but could I do more if the shackles came off and the company allowed me to work my magic and make them more money? Yes, of course!  But that’s the way the land lies at the moment so rather than being pissed at everything work related, and all the decisions being made that I think are wrong but can’t control, I’ve decided to be happy and let it go… and yes, I have sung that song at least 5 times a day of late!

Think Happy Be Happy
My mission statement!

Friday brought with it some rubbish but expected news from work, which still peeved me a little but reminded that I am only a number and that I should really only try to be around people like me, grateful people.  It reminded me that the work/life balance thing should really be my main concern, to concentrate on what’s important in my life, things I am responsible for, things I do have a say in and can change if I want to, and of course, the people that mean the most to me.

Time out
Work / Life balance

Kind of knowing that this news was coming, I made a concerted effort to make this week pretty awesome!  Monday was Yoga class, which I love!  Our Daughter turned 9yrs on Tuesday so a Smiggle party and fun and games prevailed!  Hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s with a day off work, cinema and lunch, Thursday I worked and had Skype meetings in my fave coffee shop with buckets of hot chocolate and sweet potato fries, and Friday, the daughter and I had a Greatest Showman sing along with way too many sugary treats, all of which were delicious, and so bad!

Kat Bruni

But I also spent a while reading a lot of my co-blogger friend Kat Bruni’s fabulous posts on self care and how looking after yourself and taking some ‘me’ time, especially with a family, work and a billions chores to do daily, is needed, and isn’t being selfish.  I took heed from Kat’s words and have made a promise to myself to try and put all of the energy I lose daily trying to fix things at work, into better practice, and as a result, this weekend has also been fabulous.

• Time with the Hubby

His and hers

It really is the little things in life that make you smile and eating pizza with the Hubby did just that.  We’ve been together over 20 years and it really is so important to have time together alone, just to remember and do the things you used to before the little people got strapped to your legs!

• Shopping Solo

Nike Sports Wear
Just do it

Who doesn’t love shopping alone right!  I love it!  Take your time looking around the shops, no rush to be back, no deadlines, just wandering around eyeing up all the latest fashions, whilst texting the girls to arrange a night out so you can buy that LBD you’ve spotted!  This weekend I did just that, although spent the majority of my time in a sports shop searching for gear that will make me look more athletic than I actually am! Thanks Nike!

• Eating well

Healthy food shop

After a marathon healthy food shop tagged onto my day, I have, today for the first time in weeks eaten properly, as opposed to bingeing on cereal and slices of ham because I’m too busy sorting the kids to think about myself.  I know it’s important to put fuel in the fire and know I have to concentrate on my eating and training plan in time for hols, so no time like the present right!… although admittedly, I’m on my third diet re-start since Christmas!

• Just me

Just me, myself and I

Starbucks is one of my favourite haunts for coffee shop working, where I can go through the to-do list, get creative, have a skype meeting, accompanied by a Grande.  But this weekend, I went it alone, with no laptop, iPad or notebook for company.  I sat there, phone down, actually looking out the window and people watching, just taking it all in and letting my mind run free, and it felt so good!

• Bath time

Bubble Bath
… and relax

One of my fave pastimes, which I do no where near enough!  Hot hot water, tones of bubbles, a lit candle and a glass of something intoxicating!   Making use of the beautiful Ann Summers Aurora range tonight, I enjoyed a nice long soak accompanied by a bit of old skool Adele while Hubby took the kids out for an evening walk. Perfect.

Be happy

It really is so important to take time out for yourself and really concentrate on the things in your life which make you happy.  Unfortunately for me at the minute this isn’t work but tomorrow’s another Monday so let’s see what fun and games this week brings, but after the 9-5 is done, there’ll definitely be more smiles.



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