Calm Serenity

strength in silence workkidssleep

In today’s noisy and chaotic world, silence is often undervalued and overlooked. We are bombarded with constant noise from technology, media, and other sources, and encouraged to always be talking, interacting, and engaging with others. However, true strength can often be found in silence. A calm serenity.

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Happiness Anchors

happiness anchors workkidssleep

Family holidays are often considered a highlight of childhood, I have lots of beautiful memories. But as kids grow up and no longer want to holiday with their parents, those memories can take on even greater significance. Family holidays can become happiness anchors, providing a foundation of happy memories.  Experiences that last a lifetime.

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What if versus what is

what if versus what is workkidssleep

In life, it’s natural to dream about what could be. The endless possibilities and the potential for a better future. We make plans and set goals, imagining how our lives could be different if we achieve them. However, we need to remember the now.  What if versus What is.

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