Memini, ergo sum

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Memini, ergo sum, I remember, therefore I am. An adaptation of the famous philosophical statement by René Descartes. Memory is a very interesting phenomenon.  It makes up part of our being, it creates emotions and is our ticket back to the land of the past. But can making memories also help us slow down time?

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That moment when…


Tomorrow isn’t promised, we know that.  We’ve read enough quotes and fridge magnets to remind us that we have to live like it’s our last day. The days go quick, the weeks are long and the years short, and it’s true what they say, life really does go by in the blink of an eye. […]

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Remember, remember

Memories.  One of my favourite pastimes.  Making them, remembering them, laughing and smiling about them.  It brings me so much joy to take my mind back to the places I hold close to my heart, to be there again, to remember how I felt at that exact moment in time, to relive it in my […]

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