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So, I started a blog.  Something I’ve been talking about doing for quite some time, but never got around to actually doing it, like most things on this carousel called ‘life post kids’.   But it’s not just me I’m sure. I’m not the only one that lacks the time to do anything remotely selfishly enjoyable, but that’s the choice we make I guess, after we leave the crazy, young, carelessly free days and decide that paying thousands of pounds worth of monthly bills, doing daily chores and being strapped to multiple little people is the way forward. But of course it’s not all bad. Read more…

Silly Sock Saturday

I’m a Mum of 2 little ones, our Boy who’s 10yrs old, and a Daughter, 7.  Working full time, running the house and PA’ing for the children I’m sure you’re aware is a task, I’m not alone, I know.   The days need more hours and the weeks more days just to fit it all in, and the fact that there would be more time between birthdays is a mere plus point!   But blogging is something I’ve always fancied trying.  People say I like talking (hmm…), and as I write as part of the day job, I figured why not give it a go, it’s therapeutic if nothing else, and if other Mum’s and Dad’s can know they’re not alone in their feat for a balance of work / life / kids / me time, all the better!

Ogmore By Sea

So I’ve read a lot of Mummy blogs, some I have fallen in love with, some I’ve fallen over laughing with, and I find each of them offer a slightly different outlook to this game we call parental life.  To read and connect with others that are in the same boat as you is truly comforting thing, sometimes made easier outside of your circle of family and friends, and of course it’s a great place to get tips and advice, but although we’re all Mum’s and Dad’s reading about other Mum’s and Dad’s,  it’s not only about the kids.

There are issues, of course there are issues, issues that most adults living the #workkidssleep life model come across, kids just being one of them, and yes, I’m not afraid to say I’ve battled with a few myself, scraping a win in some instances, and still battling in others.   But life is a game of spinning plates, juggling children, work, money, bills, health, dreams, aspirations plus more, whilst still making sure under all of that, you still make time to live and are still the best person you can be.

Location, Location, Location. Tenby, West Wales

This blog will talk more than just about the children, and where the best places are to go for food, what cinema deals are out there or half price school holiday offers.  This is about life.  How the children have made it better, and different, how you yearn to remember every minute of every day with the kids but also, unselfishly, try to remember the person you were before them, and for me, how we constantly aspire to make our lives better, working our asses off 7 days a week for extra cash so we can get out of this town to start a new life that we long for, a dream now battled by the children who don’t want to leave their school and friends… and there we have it, another plate.


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Hi, welcome to WorkKidsSleep. This blog is all about my thoughts on life and modern day living, rearing children while being a working Mother, setting up home on the other side of the world, living life while I can, family travel and all the in-between.

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