What if versus what is

what if versus what is workkidssleep

In life, it’s natural to dream about what could be. The endless possibilities and the potential for a better future. We make plans and set goals, imagining how our lives could be different if we achieve them. However, we need to remember the now.  What if versus What is.

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Through the lens


We all see and interpret things differently, it’s all about perspective. The lens through which we view the world shapes how we interpret it, so it can alter our reality from the truth and limit our living.

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Right here, right now

We live in an era of disturbance, of interference, of distraction yet our futures will be determined by the amount of attention we pay to the present.  Lots of things have changed for me lately, some big moves have been made for sure and I’m looking ahead to the future, but should I be?

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