New site goes live!

We all want perfection right?  So while I personally may be a long way off, my Blog is now one step closer!


Having had the old style site for some time, I decided to mix it up a bit and have a play around with some other designs that took my fancy.  An 8 hour day later, when yes I should have been working, this happened! > WorkKidsSleep


Playing around with page layouts, image sizes, widgets and trying my best to be a CSS master, I certainly learnt a lot more about this particular web design programme, and a lot about my patience levels!


I’m sure there will be some teething issues, and me being me I’m bound to want to change stuff frequently, but as of right now, I’m happy and can’t wait to start writing more!

this is me workkidssleep
Me. Mind, Body, Soul

Thanks for the follow and for your support guys, it really does make a difference.  Feel free to get in touch to offer feedback on the new site and please comment on any posts that interest you, I’d love to hear your views.

Much love,



Written by Editor, Rhian Cable


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Hi, welcome to WorkKidsSleep. This blog is all about my thoughts on life and modern day living, rearing children while being a working Mother, setting up home on the other side of the world, living life while I can, family travel and all the in-between.

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